Jason Holley
The Wild File
Outside Magazine

This painting was done for a regular column I did called “The Wild File”
for Outside Magazine. It was a great job. Readers would send in weird
questions about the natural world. The question that generated this image
went something like, “Do cows really predict the weather by pointing
themselves in a particular direction?” I must confess that I was woefully
unenlightened in this area of animal husbandry, but I quickly came to the
conclusion that psychic animals are by far the best kind of animals and I
hope with all my heart that this bit of farmer lore is 100% true. One of
the nice things about doing this column was that the editors would send
me the questions, but as a result of time constraints they rarely sent me
the answers. I was left to make up my own conclusions and that usually
resulted in a much more compelling image. I think the bull is one of my
better nonsense images.