Jason Holley
Divide and Conquer
Bloomberg Wealth Manager

This magazine is read by financial wizards and for those who speak their
language. I am neither. I read this article from front to back, five times, and
had no idea what it was about—split annuity life insurance something,
something, something. The designer was equally flummoxed, which made me
feel a little better about myself, but got us no closer to a solution. We called
in the editor who confused us even further. Finally, with a working title of
“Divide and Conquer” and the assumption that, whatever the article was
actually about—it was likely that it had something to do with making, using
and / or keeping money. I created a number of drawings. To my great
surprise, the editors thought they were spot-on. They picked two that
they really liked and left the third choice up to me. I picked the bunnies.