Jason Holley
Slings and Arrows
Audubon Magazine

This article starts with a quote from “To Kill a Mockingbird” that states
that it is a great sin to kill a mockingbird, but it is perfectly acceptable to
kill as many blue jays as you want. The author makes a case for these much
maligned creatures who are crucial to Oak tree propagation among other
things. It’s true about the Oak trees, I’ve seen it first hand outside of our
kitchen window; the jays collecting acorns and shoving them into the
ground to let them develop a little gravy before feasting. I never thought
about shooting them, with arrows or otherwise, but we did get one particularly
social one named Peanut to eat from our hands. The detail was important
in this painting because one of the things I remembered about Peanut was
that close up, he was a little terrifying—but then again, who isn’t?